These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of Verdant Environmental Technologies. They provide basic information about our products and services. From more detailed information, please contact us at any time.

How does the system work?

Verdant EMS Thermostats are equipped with built-in occupancy sensors, which constantly scan the guestroom for a combination of motion and body heat.  Once the room is determined to be unoccupied, the Verdant EMS Thermostat will ‘setback’ temperature in the room, to eliminate wasteful heating or air-conditioning when the room is empty.

What happens if I am sleeping in bed?

Verdant’s Patented Night Occupancy Mode disables setback in occupied rooms during the night, ensuring that heating or air-conditioning will never be scaled back when guests are asleep.

What happens if I just leave the room for a minute or two?

Verdant EMS Thermostats will not go into setback immediately.  Verdant Setback Delay Feature allows for a customizable time delay after no occupancy is detected, before the thermostat goes into setback.

Can I install it myself?

Yes.  Our Verdant EMS Thermostats are very simple to install in under 10 minutes per room, and do not require professional installation.

Are the thermostats low voltage?

Yes.  Verdant EMS Thermostats operate at 24 Volts, avoiding the need for a certified electrician during installing or maintenance.

How much energy will I save?

Verdant EMS Thermostats will reduce your in-room heating and/or air-conditioning consumption by around 40%, dropping your overall annual electricity expenses by approximately 15% to 20%.

Are financial incentives available to help pay for the system?

Yes.  Most states, provinces, and utility companies across North America provide up-front financial incentives for the implementation of Verdant EMS Thermostats.  Up to 100% of the system cost may be covered by your local utility.  Contact us today for more information.

Will my guests be uncomfortable when they return to their room?

No.  Verdant EMS Thermostats setback limits are fully customizable, ensuring that reasonable temperatures are maintained, even when rooms are unoccupied.  Management can decide how aggressive they would like to be in saving energy by selecting setback limits that are appropriate for them.

Will it work with my existing heating/cooling equipment?

Yes.  Verdant EMS Thermostats are compatible with virtually every type of heating/cooling system presently on the market, including PTACs, heat pumps, fan coil systems, chiller / boiler based systems, etc.

Who is using Verdant EMS?

Hundreds of properties across North America and beyond are currently equipped with Verdant EMS, in almost every major hotel brand such as Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Best Western, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, Westin, Ramada, AmericInn, Comfort Inn, Crowne Plaza, Lexington, Novotel, Travelodge, and many more.

Are the thermostats wired or wireless?

Both.  Verdant offers wired thermostats for properties that currently have wall mounted thermostat wiring in place, as well as wireless thermostats for properties that do not have thermostat wiring in the wall.

How do the wireless thermostats control my heating/cooling equipment?

Verdant EMS Wireless Thermostat Kits come with a wireless control card that connects directly to the heating/cooling unit, and communicates with our wireless, battery operated, wall-mounted thermostat.  Verdant EMS Wireless Thermostat Kits are the perfect solution for easy retrofits, where no running of wires is needed!

Can I control my Verdant Thermostat system remotely?

Yes. Verdant offers a comprehensive, web-based remote management system where your entire network of Verdant EMS Thermostats can be monitored and configured via web from your smart phone, tablet or computer!

What kind of guarantee do you offered with your system?

All new Verdant equipment comes with a full one year warranty.