We are so confident that our Energy Management System is the ideal choice for any hospitality property that we offer all new prospective customers an opportunity to try our system and measure their energy savings.



Trial Equipment

Verdant will provide you with equipment for the trial.


Installation Training

Verdant representative will show you how to install trial equipment in under 15 minutes per room.


Energy Saving Report

Once the thermostats are installed, Verdant will measure your energy savings. 


Energy Savings Analysis

Verdant energy specialist will compile a report of your energy savings.

At the end of your trial, you will have an accurate projection of how much electricity and money Verdant EMS will save you and how quickly it will pay for itself.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you choose to purchase Verdant EMS after trying it we will even assist you with getting the maximum incentive available from your utility company.

If for any reason you decide that Verdant EMS is not for you, simply ship us back the trial equipment.