Web-based remote management provides a comprehensive solution for remote monitoring and configuring of Verdant thermostats from any computer, tablet or smart phone connected to the internet.

monitor-01Room Monitoring

Remote management website monitors room operation, occupancy and energy efficiency at all times.
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“Rooms Status” view displays the operational status of all rooms making it easy to identify rooms with operation issues.

“Room Occupancy” view displays the occupancy status of all rooms making it easy to schedule hotel staff visits to rooms without having to disturb guests.

“Room Efficiency” view displays relative energy efficiency of all rooms allowing the staff to rent the most energy efficient rooms first to save even more.

“Room Detail View” displays temperature and occupancy changes in the room.

configuration-01Thermostat Configuration

Remote configuration options make it easy to change thermostat settings in individual rooms, groups of rooms or all rooms at the same time.
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“Energy" settings allow creating different energy saving profiles that can be applied to rooms. Energy saving profiles make it easy to configure energy management features differently in different types of rooms. For example different settings can be applied to standard room, VIP rooms and common areas.

“Equipment" settings allow managing different HVAC equipment profiles. Different types of HVAC units require different thermostat configuration to operate properly.  Remote management website allow configuring thermostats to properly control HVAC equipment without even having to visit rooms. This capability is especially handy in properties that have several types on HVAC units or in properties that have an HVAC system that can only heat or cool depending on the season.

email-01Email Alerts

Built-in diagnostic tools automatically send email notifications when operational issues are detected.
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Temperature alerts identify rooms with temperatures that are out of the normal temperature range. Detecting temperature issues helps identify malfunctioning equipment and prevent guest complaints.

Communication interruption notifications identify rooms with non-working climate control units before guests complain about it.

Low battery notifications inform the maintenance staff when to change the batteries in the wireless thermostat.

users-01User Management

User Management allows configuring different access permissions and alert notification settings for each user.
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User Permission allow giving different access permissions to different members of the hotel staff. Managing user permissions ensures that everyone on the property can benefit from remote management features without having to worry about users making unauthorized changes.

User Alert Preferences allow choosing intended recipients for different email notification. Being able to send emails alerts selectively makes it easy to allocate tasks between staff members and ensure timely response to operational issues.

reports-01Energy Reports

Energy reports monitor energy use and can even evaluate the performance of the Verdant EMS.
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Patented "Energy Saving Report" measures the actual energy savings resulting from use of the Verdant energy management features. The report monitors the difference in heating and air-conditioning runtimes between rooms with energy management and rooms without energy management.

Runtime reports identify energy consumption trends by continuously monitoring heating and air-conditioning runtimes in individual rooms and the property as a whole.