Simply Better

Verdant’s energy management system is “simply better” than others! It is easier-to-use, easier-to-install, and saves more energy without compromising guest comfort.

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Patented Night Occupancy
Dynamic Intelligent Recovery
Superior Wireless Networking
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Patented Night Occupancy

Verdant’s patented “Night Occupancy” feature ensures guest comfort at night. When the thermostat determines that a guest will be spending a night in the room, it suspends energy saving features until the following morning to ensure guest comfort even if occupancy is not detected. Unlike most other occupancy detection thermostats, Verdant thermostats will never turn off heating or air-conditioning in the middle of the night while guests are asleep.

This unique ability to temporarily suspend energy saving features while guests are asleep eliminates guest complaints associated with unreliable occupancy detection at night, many of which have been well documented for other occupancy detection systems. It allows Verdant system to ensure a comfortable guest experience at night without having to configure unreasonable setback delays or having to install to additional equipment such as door-switches.

Dynamic Intelligent Recovery

In order to maximize energy saving without compromising guest comfort, Verdant thermostats use “Dynamic Intelligent Recovery”. The thermostat calculates the optimum temperature in each unoccupied room so that the desired comfort temperature can be restored within specified time. To calculate the optimum temperature, thermostat continuously monitors the temperature recovery rate in the room. Verdant thermostat recalculates the temperature after every heating and cooling cycle to ensure that temperature is optimized all the time.

Unlike other thermostats that calculate setback temperatures, Verdant thermostat does not calculate the setback temperature based on the guest set point. Guests tend to set the temperature to the maximum or minimum set point in order to “speed-up” heating and air-conditioning. Calculating setback temperature based on the guest set point can result in continuous heating or air conditioning even while rooms are unoccupied, which reduces, and in some cases eliminates, energy savings.

Superior Wireless Networking

Verdant autonomous wireless network uses a proprietary, 64-channel frequency-hopping, protocol. The wireless network operates in a 900MHz frequency spectrum resulting in a stronger signal propagation. Unlike other wireless networking solutions which operate on the same frequency as Wi-Fi networks, Verdant’s wireless network does not use or interfere with any existing wireless infrastructure on the property.

In addition to thermostats, only an “Online Connection Kit” needs to be installed on the property to enable remote management of thermostats through the internet.  The true mesh-networking nature of the Verdant wireless network allows the network to form and operate without the need to install any additional networking devices such as signal-repeaters or multiple data collection boxes.

Our Guarantee

We are 100% confident that the Verdant Energy Management System (EMS) is the ideal choice for any hospitality property. Unlike other EMS systems, Verdant system was designed with an understanding that an energy management system for the hospitality industry must deliver absolute guest comfort while at the same time saving energy.

We believe that substantial energy savings that our system delivers coupled with impeccable guest experience delivers the ultimate value for any hotel owner. As a result, we offer all new prospective customers an opportunity to try our system and measure their energy savings before committing to buy.

‡ Total cost per room including equipment, installation and other fees required for deployment;
° Major manufacturer’s thermostats with occupancy detection and comparable features;