Effortless Installation

The Online Connection Kit installs in minutes. Simply connect the antenna module and a network Ethernet cable to the server and you are done. Absolutely no configuration is necessary as long as hotel network allows the server to connect to the internet.

Internet Connection

The Online Connection Kit allows Verdant energy management thermostat to connect to the internet. The Online Connection Kit Server connects to the internet using property’s internet connection. Once it connects to the internet, the server automatically starts communicating with Verdant’s remote management website using a secure internet connection.



Wireless Network

The Online Connection Kit creates a wireless network in order to communicate with Verdant thermostats. The wireless mesh network allows thermostat on the property to communicate with the server without the need for any additional networking equipment. Thermostats that are far away from the server use other thermostats as signal repeaters to communicate with the server.

Network Programmer

Network programmer assigns a unique network ID to every Verdant thermostat on the property to ensure secure and reliable network communication. Every Verdant thermostat programmed with the network programmer automatically joins the wireless network on the property.