Energy Saving Presets*

Verdant VX Series thermostats are pre-configured with 5 distinct energy savings presets that are based on years of experience of proven energy savings in thousands of hotel rooms.

Patent pending energy saving presets allow Verdant VX series thermostats to maximize energy savings without compromising guest comfort as stand alone thermostats or as part of a remotely managed energy management system.

Reliable Occupancy Detection

Built-in occupancy sensor uses a combination of motion and thermal sensing technologies to accurately detect room occupancy. The integrated occupancy sensor eliminates the need to install a separate occupancy detection device.

Thermostat intelligent software analyzes occupancy patterns and differentiates between, incidental, guest and night occupancy to completely eliminate unnecessary heating and air-conditioning without compromising guest comfort.



Dynamic Intelligent Recovery

“Dynamic Intelligent Recovery” calculates the optimum temperature in an unoccupied room so that when the guest returns to the room the desired comfort temperature can be restored within specified time. Temperature optimization maximizes energy savings and at the same time ensures guest comfort.

Energy Savings

Unique, fully configurable, energy saving features completely eliminate unnecessary heating and air-conditioning. Verdant energy management thermostats on average reduce guestroom heating and air conditioning consumption by more than 40%.



Ultimate Guest Comfort

Verdant VX Series thermostats do not compromise guest comfort even while saving energy. When the guest is in the room the thermostat operates as a standard non-energy-management thermostat, allowing guests to control the temperature and fan operation.

When the guest returns to the room the thermostat automatically restores guest’s preferred temperature. Since the temperature in an unoccupied room is calculated based on the actual temperature recovery rate in the room, the guest comfort is never compromised.

Patented “Night Occupancy” feature ensures guest comfort at night. The thermostat will not turn off heating or air-conditioning at night while guests are asleep even if occupancy is not detected.

Automatic Humidity Control

Optional “Automatic Humidity Control” feature manages humidity in an unoccupied room to eliminate any negative effect of humidity on guest comfort or room conditions.



Effortless Installation

Simplified installation procedure makes it easy to install the Verdant VX Series thermostats. Typical installation takes less than 15 minutes per room.

Comprehensive configuration options ensure full compatibility with virtually any existing or emerging hospitality HVAC system.


In addition to using standard thermostat wiring, Verdant energy management thermostats can connect to the HVAC unit using a wireless receiver.

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Wired Thermostats use standard thermostat wiring to connect to the HVAC unit, making it easy to simply replace an existing thermostat with a Verdant thermostat.

Wireless, battery powered, thermostats connect to the HVAC unit via a wireless receiver. Wireless thermostats are the ideal choice for retrofit installations where thermostat wiring is not available.




Auxiliary sensors compatibility allows connecting additional occupancy sensors, door/window switches and/or remote temperature sensor.

Remote Management

Web based remote management provides a comprehensive solution for remote monitoring and configuring of Verdant VX Series thermostats from any computer, tablet or smart phone connected to the internet.

Built-in wireless networking enables remote management of Verdant VX Series thermostats. Proprietary, frequency-hopping, wireless technology ensures secure and reliable data transmission without using or interfering with property’s existing wireless networks.

Remote management diagnostic tools automatically detect operational issues and send email notifications to hotel staff to ensure timely response. User Management features allows configuring different access permissions and alert notification settings for each user.